Peelable Labels

Drew & Rogers peelable multi-layer labels can be applied to product packaging to promote product specials, sweepstakes, discounted pricing, or product recipes.

Peelable labels are made so that the top layer “peels back” and the consumer will see additional copy on the 2nd layer underneath, allowing users more copy inside a smaller footprint. These labels are often used for instructions, warrantees, or warnings. Unlike IRC labels, once the top layer is peeled back the top can be resealed back down, allowing the label to remain affixed to the product.

Peelable on-pack labels are available both on rolls for machine application or fan-folded for hand application to the product. Drew & Rogers offers up to 10 spot colors or full color process printing is available on peelable promotional labels. Sizing will be finished to the client’s specifications. Please contact us for more details.

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