Liner-less Labels

Liner-less labels are roll labels with no liners.  THINK LABEL TAPE! Label material wound on itself with no wasteful liner. Drew & Rogers MS Liner-less Labels use a direct thermal face stock and a “release” coating applied to the face of the labels to
prevent the label stock from sticking to itself – creating rolls of label stock with no liner material.


• No Waste!! Eco-Friendly! No Wasteful Liner – less waste!
• Recyclable
• Silicone-Free
• Bisphenol Free (BP-Free)
• Patented “no residue” adhesive reduces printer jamming and printer maintenance due to adhesive build up.
• Create and cut only the size label needed. Eliminates excess label length and no more wasteful liners.
• Direct thermal face stock eliminates ribbons and gives a consistent image quality.
• Ability to stick to multiple surfaces (e.g. bags, boxes, wraps, cups, trays, counter tops, etc).
• Cost effective.
• Various packaging options and label colors available.


• Food Service – Safe for indirect food contact
• Warehousing and Inventory Control
• Retail
• Medical & Pharmaceutical
• Library

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Q: Will MS Liner-less labels stick together?

A: No, Liner-less labels use a face stock that has a special coating printed on the label’s face keeping the labels from sticking together.

Q: Will MS liner-less labels cause any printer issues due to adhesive build-up?

A: If you are using MS liner-less label stock you will not require any sort of special care for your printer. Our special adhesive will not
cause adhesive build-up. However, printers do have normal wear and tear and will require routine periodic servicing.

Q: Do I need a special printer to print Liner-less labels?

A: Yes, only printers designed for liner-less label printing can be used. Ask for the latest list of approved printers. Our approved printers have been certified through a comprehensive
and extensive series of tests completed by each manufacturer. Be wary of ‘Guarantees’ from other direct thermal product suppliers. Their products might work for the short term,
but their material can be extremely damaging to your printer’s thermal head and rollers and can shorten the life of a printer significantly.