Flexible Packaging Food Safety Program

Our suppliers have the latest FDA certifications including GMP & GFSi.  Below are the important Quality functions OUR suppliers often incorporate into their operations:


  • Safety Team
  • Hearing Protection & Safety Glasses
  • Lockout/Tagout Procedure
  • Employee Safety Dress Code
  • Employee Safety Training Program
  • MSDS Program


  • Security Cameras & Codes
  • Motion Detectors & Swipe Card Entrances
  • Visitor Identification Badges


  • Vendor Certification and Approval Program
  • FDA Compliance Certifications
  • Vendor, Master Roll and Lot traceability


  • Licensed Pest control program both inside and outside facility with documentation
  • 18″ clear area from the walls
  • No food or uncovered drinks in production area policy
  • No glass permitted in plant
  • Full time cleaning personnel
  • Cleaning of building performed and documented daily, weekly and monthly

Process Controls

  • ISO 9002 Formatted – work instructions, training and auditing procedures
  • In Process testing of all printed material
  • SPC utilization for continuous critical parameter improvements
  • Documented monthly calibration of equipment
  • Quarantine for non-conforming material
  • Customer complaint and corrective action procedure

Our quality control is the most important aspect of our business. We produce our pouches to the highest quality standards available and we stand behind our work. Also, our plants are AIB rated so that you can rest assured that your packaging will be safe for all your food products.

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