We are the only printer on the planet who offers a Recyclable Label Liner which is an eco-friendly label liner, environmentally recyclable and made from 100% recycled paper.  Our NEW Recyclable Enviroliner requires no new printers or applicators, it only requires a sensor mark on back of any of our Recyclable Enviroliner label stocks.  Label liners can be incorporated into all forms of labels including thermal transfer, direct thermal or laser sheets and can be used with paper or film facestock including gloss.  Works especially well with recyclable thermal transfer label liners and recyclable direct thermal label liners.

By using our compostable label liner, compared to others in the industry who print 100% virgin fiber paper, your direct environmental savings will add up quickly.

Introducing our Recyclable Enviroliner

Our Recyclable Enviroliner is made of 100% recycled material.  It is a specialty coated paper which has been analyzed and approved as a product that is recyclable and the recycled fibers can be used in the manufacturing of print and writing papers made with recycled, post-consumer waste fibers.

The release on release liner

Generic industry release liners are coated with a heavy coating of silicone to act as the release agent.  Due to the high levels of silicone, liners are not recyclable in local recycling facilities.  In North America alone, 30,000 trailer loads or 1,200,000 tons of label liner waste is dumped into landfills each year.

Extensive R & D solves the issue of label liner post consumer waste by not only creating a release liner that is recyclable in local facilities, but is also made of 100% recycled paper.  Recycling label liners is good for the planet!

Since 1944, Drew & Rogers has supplied our customers with a vast assortment of label products.  We have the ability to customize almost any label product to meet your needs.

Flexibility, knowledge, and innovation allow us to supply a wide spectrum of label products including the NEW Recyclable Enviroliner labels and much, much more. 

Our team of dedicated employees and trade partners ensure your artwork, plates and final label products are of the highest quality.

With thousands of dies, label stocks and adhesive, we are sure to find a solution for your labeling requirements.


  • Recyclable TT Label Liners (Thermal Transfer)
  • Recyclable DT Label Liners (Direct Thermal)
  • Laser Recyclable Sheets
  • BOPP Recyclable Liners